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This Template will be used as a "See Also" header for all Items, and Blocks mentioned in headings.

This Template Was Made ENTIRELY By CandyPuffz

This template should be put under a heading which has relating article(s). The code for this template was made very strong so that it could scan where to put "commas" and "and."
Type {{See Also|page name|page name|page name|page name|page name|page name|page name|page name}} Only up to 8 page names.
Sample output
{{See Also|Elephant|Moth}} gives...
See also: Elephant and Moth
{{See Also|Elephant}} gives...
See also: Elephant
{{See Also|Elephant|Moth|Bee}} gives...
See also: Elephant, Moth and Bee
{{See Also|Elephant|Moth|Bee|Goat|Boar}} gives...
See also: Elephant, Moth, Bee, Goat and Boar
You can only put 8 links at a time. Putting a ninth simply won't work.
Ex. of putting 9 (doesn't work):
{{See Also|Elephant|Moth|Be|Goat|Boar|Hide Armor|Reptile Armor|Reptile Hide|Hide}} gives...
See also: Elephant, Moth, Bee, Goat, Boar, Hide Armor, Reptile Armor and Reptile Hide
The "Hide" was not included, therefore making only 8 links possible.
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