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This template is used to transclude data sections from other pages into a collapsed box for collection pages like Chunk format.

Usage[edit source]

  • {{{1}}} is the type of data (e.g: entity). Used for the *Link template to use (e.g. EntityLink)
  • {{{2}}} is the page where the data is contained, and the title and link for the header
  • {{{sprite}}} overwrites the *Link template used
  • {{{title}}} overwrites the title and link used in the header
  • {{{link}}} overwrites the link used in the header
  • {{{icon}}} overwrites the id used in the *Link template
  • {{{rawtitle}}} allows any wikitext to be entered for the header, overwriting the above header related parameters
  • {{{upcoming=1}}} adds {{upcoming}} to the header

Example[edit source]

{{Data transclude|Entity|Ender Dragon/ED|title=EnderDragon|link=Ender Dragon}}
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