Quartz Portal

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Quartz Portal
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Wyvern Lair

Consists of
Can generate in
existing chunks


A quartz portal is a structure that generates in the Wyvern Lair.

Generation[edit | edit source]

The quartz portal generates automatically in the Wyvern Lair when the player arrives there for the first time, upon using a wyvern portal staff. It consists of all types of quartz blocks:

  • Quartz Block - Generates as 2x2 square in the center of the portal.
  • Quartz Pillar - Forms the pillars of the portal.
  • Chiseled Quartz - Generates on top of the portal above the pillars.
  • Quartz Stairs - Forms on two sides of the portal.

It is the only place where the player can get back to the Overworld without making a Nether portal or by dying. If you die in the Wyvern Lair and you lose your items, they will be lost. The only to retrieve them would be to go back with the wyvern portal staff.

As the quartz portal is the only place where you are able to get back to the Overworld, it should not destroyed or mined to get quartz blocks.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Destroying the quartz portal will not prevent the player from accessing the Wyvern Lair. However, it's highly recommended to place a marker or a way-point so that you don't forget where the portal was.

Gallery[edit | edit source]