Mammoth Platform

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Mammoth Platform
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Mammoth Platform







Yes (64)



Data value

dec: 4213 hex: 1075 bin: 1000001110101

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mammoth platform is an item that can be placed on a tamed Songhua River mammoth.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe
Mammoth Platform Lead +
Oak Wood +
Oak Wood Planks

Mammoth Platform

Usage[edit | edit source]

A mammoth platform can be used to ride a tamed, fully grown Songhua River mammoth. It can also be used to carry another player. The platform cannot be placed on a mammoth without placing an elephant harness on it first. Using a mammoth platform on a Songhua River mammoth will equip the platform, allowing up to two players to ride the mammoth. The platform can only be retrieved by killing the mammoth, using shears, or by placing the mammoth in a pet amulet.

For a second player to get on the mammoth, make it sit by sneaking near it, and then press right-click on the mammoth to ride it. Afterwards, the second player needs to repeat the same process.

Unlike boats, a mammoth platform cannot carry mobs, as the platform can only be accessed by sneaking next to the mammoth.

History[edit | edit source]


v10.0.1[edit | edit source]

- Fixed mammoth platform name.

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